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Who Has the Most Mobile Phones?

Who has the most mobile phones? The U.S.?  E.U.?  Africa?  If you guessed the last, you're right.;featured-stories

Red Meat Can Kill You

Sad truth: eating healthy doesn't make you live longer. But red meat can kill you.;siu-container

Afraid of the Dentist? Here's Why You Should Be

My husband's afraid of the dentist.  But then, he is one.  Now there's a new reason for him to be scared.
Ever had your house robbed?  I have, and it's not pleasant. But now two companies in the UK are making DNA property kids available to neighborhoods which have high burglary rates.

Panic Attack? Your Watch Will Warn You

What if a wearable device could alert you to something that's going to upset you?

Christmas, and Newtown

Christmas, and Newtown.  Here is how I have come to peace with it.

Hot MedFax: Asperger's Normally Does Not Incite Violence

Hot MedFax: Asperger's Normally Does Not Incite Violence: It's been a week but none of the horror and heartbreak is over.  Despite many reports that the killer of 20 children in Newtown may have had...

Asperger's Normally Does Not Incite Violence

It's been a week but none of the horror and heartbreak is over.  Despite many reports that the killer of 20 children in Newtown may have had Asperger's, a form of autism, this illness is not known to spawn violence in its sufferers.  Those in the autism movement fear the syndrome may have been mischaracterized.

Robitussin? Nah. Heroin

Whoops! Surgeons Make Lots of Errors

Hope you're not planning on having surgery any time soon.  A new report finds that over 4,000 "never happens" errors occur every year, from removing the wrong limb, to leaving sponges and surgical instruments inside patients.
Oh no, say it ain't so!  Diet soda a no-no for those trying to lose weight -- and who want to keep their teeth?!
The bad news?  One in two men will get cancer in their lifetime, according to a new UK study.  The good news?  It's because we're living longer.
OK. Here's a new reason to drink coffee. It can prevent oral cancer.  No joke.
Big surprise.  Physically fit kids do better in school.  Wish I could get my son off the computer!!!!
Why do we lie?  Is it from that little jab of guilty pleasure, when we follow all the other rules? But you might want to think about it, next time.  Honesty improves both mental health and physical health.
If you work less than 30 hours a week (which used to be considered full-time!), our employer can opt out of Obamacare.  That's what Walmart is doing.  Expects others to follow suit.
I'm often capable of making my husband frown. Whether's it's because I didn't make our son start homework at 4, or dinner is late (or not big enough), he's often cranky when he comes home from work. And before you know it, I'm cranky, too.

It's not so much that his obnoxiousness makes me obnoxious (although he might argue that), but that our own feelings and emotions tend, unconsciously, to mimic those around us.
It's a fact.  Men are dumber around women.  At least, that's what a recent study found. And not just my opinion!
We are all grieving. But Dr. Sanjay Gupta says the sleep the victims' -- and survivors' --parents and siblings got last night will determine how well they cope.
Do you like organic foods?  A new study says you may be more stingy than others.
Great.  Just when kids' obesity rates are starting to come down, now we have schools deciding to cut back on the veggies, bowing to parents (parents!) and politicians.
Live till 100?  If you're a man, maybe not so much.
I've worn contacts for years. They've helped me see. Now they may also help me text.
If you hear a rocking "Jingle Bells" at the mall, head for the exits! Research tells us that retail outlets know we spend more when we're uncomfortable so they hike the heat, speed up the music and bombard us with merchandise to  aggravate our adrenal glands.
So we thought we were safe from bedbugs at school.  Now they could be in our library books!
What if you were trying to decide whether to "love it or list it," or go to France for Christmas, or even, leave your spouse?  Now there's an app  for that.
Did you know that waiting for biopsy results is equal to learning you have cancer, stress-wise?  Well, it is.  I am living proof of that. Once the waiting was over, and we moved on to treatment options, I felt calmer.
I use social media to stay in touch but now a famous heart association is saying that it can help obese kids lose weight.
They patent smart phones. Lyrics. Even shoe designs. Now they want to patent your genes. The Supreme Court will soon decide a case which accuses a company in Utah of holding a monopoly on the process for testing for breast cancer genes. I used them to discover that, though I had breast cancer, I don't have the gene.
Obamacare forcing many small businesses to rethink health insurance, some, like Denny's, charging customers 5% more, and others, slashing hours for full-timers so they become part-timers and therefore, not eligible.
Pain or panacea?  Electronic health records proving a problem for Medicare.
Would you pay 5 cents more for your pizza to pay for healthcare? The Florida operator of the Denny's chain thinks you might.
Big surprise!  Smoking rots the brain.
Someday soon computers will out-think us.
Ever tempted to buy one of those fitness devices that tracks your every move but afraid you'll look like a sports geek? Now a company calls Misfits has come out with an elegant new device that syncs with your iPhone that looks like nothing more than a fancy coin.
So maybe you don't need lidocaine or morphine right at the moment.  But what about certain cancer drugs?Drug shortages are multiplying, according to The New York Times.
So now it's coffee again.  According to an article in The New York Times, a second caffeinated energy drink has been found to kill.
I found this interesting -- doctors are prescribing 24% fewer antibiotics to children under 3.  Good thing.
Why oh why does healthcare cost so much? Docs get paid by the procedure, the more expensive, the better.  And techology, which, admittedly, is making our lives better, costs.
We all breathed a sigh of relief (I know I did) when the food labels started listing ingredients and calories and fat content.  But guess what?  According to the AP, those labels are often misleading.  (For example, I didn't know that low-fat vanilla yogurt has less calories than nonfat (that's because they add sugar to make up for the fat).
States have been given more time to set up health information exchanges. Health information whats?  The marketplaces where you can pick and choose among healthcare policies, part of healthcare reform.
It's probably not a disease you worry about, here in America, but malaria disproportionately kills people all over the world every year. Now a new vaccine given much hope has turned out not to work.
I have a friend who was paralyzed in a surfing accident years ago.  He uses an electric wheelchair and is lucky enough to have an elevator in his home.  He has no hope of ever walking again.  But a new mechanism -- a robotic exoskeleton -- may help him meet his wildest dreams, and walk again.
If you're lucky enough to have employer-sponsored health insurance, maybe not so much, next year.  You'll be forking over a bigger chunk of your paycheck to cover it.