Your Life, or Sex? Now Men May Not Have to Choose

In the past, men faced a daunting challenge.  Lower your cholesterol and downgrade your risk of a heart attack or stroke.  Or see your sexual health diminish.  Life, or sex?  Tough choice.

But a new study gives men hope.  According to, they may no longer have to make the choice.  
Statins, the very medication that slashes your cholesterol levels, and prevents sudden cardiac death, may also improve your health in the bedroom. 

“Older men who have poor cardiovascular health, diabetes or metabolic syndrome often experience erectile dysfunction (ED) and the prevalence of these diseases is expected to increase,” the Web site quotes John B. Kostis, MD, professor of medicine, director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the study’s principal investigator. “Our research indicates that statins not only improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, but also improve erectile function in the men included in our analysis.”

Dr. Kostis adds that ED may serve as a warning sign of cardiovascular disease. “Similar to a canary in a coal mine,” he said.

“Ultimately, a healthy lifestyle is the best method to prevent disease, including erectile dysfunction,” said Kostis at “But statin therapy has been proven to provide long-term benefits in reducing cardiovascular disease and the detrimental consequences associated with it. Offering statin therapy to improve erectile function may extend these benefits further.”


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