Share Housework = No Sex? Maybe Not!

Who knew?  Sharing housework doesn't mean less sex.

At least, not according to a new study. reports that the authors of a 2013 study would say yes, it does, but new research done by Georgia State sociologists suggests otherwise.

The previous study examined data from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, says Assistant Professor of Sociology Daniel Carlsonid. But he and his colleagues used data from a 2006 Marital and Relationship Survey (MARS) that sampled low-to-moderate income couples with a minor child.

Their results show an equal division of labor in the home does not lead to a decrease in sexual frequency and satisfaction. Egalitarian couples have similar and sometimes better sex lives than their conventional counterparts.

 Both arrangements are sexy for people,” Carlson says at “You can find high quality relationships in both types of relationships. Neither are detrimental.”

Carlson believes this new research proves Americans have grown to favor flexibility not only professionally, but personally.

“Attitudes are a big difference,” he says. “Couples today have role models to look at to make this work. In the ‘80s, egalitarian couples were at the forefront of change. Today’s couples have those examples to look to. It makes it a lot easier, resulting in higher quality relationships. I think we’ve moved to a place where a very stark division of labor is not something people want nor is it something couples want.”

 However, while American views of shared housework have changed, women still do most of the housework in most households. Only 30 percent of the couples represented in the MARS survey admitted to sharing household duties.

And my house?  Both my husband and I hate housework.  I'll  mop the kitchen and bathroom floors occasionally and clean the sink, toilet, and tub, but that's about it.  If he had his way, he'd live among his old  newspapers and dirty sneakers and  worn-out t shirts quite happily, thank you.

We don't really live in filth.  We just find other things more pleasant to do!


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