Who does Donald Trump Really Hate? Himself.

It's interesting that plain old Americans are now doing what his powerful Republican brothers couldn't.

Dump Trump.

A recent anti-Trump rally blocked a highway into Phoenix, where he was scheduled to appear, for several hours. With his usual blindness to the facts (the truth, anyone?), he blithely ignored it later in his talk.

Let's not even mention all the times he's hinted at violence, and inspired his followers to commit it, then not accepting responsibility for it. Remember he was going to pay the fine for the man charged with assault at one of his rallies? You don't hear any more of that. Like everything else that a bully, secretly weak and powerless in his gut, he slithered right out of that one, too. (Of course, he was probably just too cheap.)

But what I hate most about Trump is his hate.

But it's not the Republican establishment, or the Hillary supporters, or even the Megyn Kellys who call him the foolish egotistical man that he is who he hates.

Donald Trump hates himself.

How can you call a man who says he'll look in the mirror when seeking answers to foreign policy or that you don't have to worry about his, er, hands, a self-hater?

It's all there. I'm not a psychologist but as many pundits have said, those who know their own worth don't have to keep desperately making it the world's job to prove it. You kind of know in your heart when you're good at something.

I've read all the columnists decrying his positions and actions and now a few of them are coming around to this idea. A recent story in The New York Times even reported that his run for the presidency is about validating himself in the eyes of the world, once and for all, as a serious, meant-to-be-taken seriously person.

It will finally prove to his father that he is worth something, after all.

Long dead, this father, many who know him say, kept Donald feeling inferior from birth. I know what that can do. My husband also had a father who did nothing but denounce and make fun of him all his life. I hear that that was Trump Senior's specialty. I can't tell you how that eats away at your soul.

Unlike others who experienced the same childhood, Trump never got help. His money helped. People do whatever you want when you have money (Trump's longtime butler, as quoted in The Times, “When he's here, he's the king.”)

That can go a long way towards salving the wounds of a childhood spent trying desperately to win a parent's approval, and never achieving it.

What he didn't know is that he never could. And sadly, Donald, not even being elected president (God forbid), would have done it, either.

Although I'm terrified of a win (but doubt it, too), I'm starting to feel sympathy for this wounded, hurting man. (A psychologist friend of my husband's think he may even have set up the whole letter- threatening-his-family business, too, just to get sympathy and – of course – more press.)

I can't imagine what it's like to live your life under the shadow of a man who never thought you were good enough. But I think we are seeing it with Donald Trump. I just pray that the rest of us don't have to pay for it.

Deborah DiSesa Hirsch


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