"Me" Breaks Make You A Better Worker

We've been told that sitting is the new smoking and that we need to get up and walk around for five minutes every hour, whether at work or home.

Now researchers are finding that this doesn't just protect us from health risks, it also is even better if you can do it for 30 minutes at one time during the day.  Employers should advocate this, too.

That's because a 30-minute "me break" can make you a better worker, according to newswise.com.  

Even though the study was done with doctors, it can apply to anyone.  The research involved early-career doctors and those who went without it found a scenario in which the patient may have suffered.
Activities like volunteering and exercise can help employees recover quickly and better respond to their jobs' demands.
Of course, we're not talking about running to a bar for a quick shot, or going to the mall to look at shoes, but just a walk around the building, or outside, to simply "be."  We certainly don't do enough of that in our daily, technology-choked lives.
Early-career doctors often work 80 hours at a time, leaving little room for leisure or sleep. The study assessed the time these doctors spend at work vs. the time they spent on the above, their ability to detach while not at work (late-night emails, anyone?) and whether they engaged in active or passive "recovery."
 As you might expect, these young physicians had a hard time detaching from work and their leisure activities were more passive in nature. Who wants to go out and play 19 holes of golf when you've just spent almost four days under fluorescent lights making life-and-death decisions? And of course, this can lead to burnout.
“Burnout is a serious issue,” say the researchers, “It’s usually related to the fact that you’re not taking enough time for self-care or engaging in activities that help you gain back some of those resources.”
Higher levels of burnout, she said, lead to higher rates of poor-quality patient care.
“You can only effectively care for someone if you are in a good state of mind. You have to be in a good place to be able to give your all to someone else,” they say.
So, while you may not be a doctor, taking a rest to replenish your soul might not be such a bad idea, hmm?.  



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