Sanctity vs.Sacred -- This is How Liberals and Conservatives Fight

Who'd have thunk it?

Liberals and conservatives both believe they're moral, but for different reasons, a new study points out.

Liberals' support for same-sex marriage is rooted in their concerns about fairness; conservatives' opposition to same-sex marriages is rooted in their concerns about violations of the sacred order, according to

Liberals' opposition to the development of oil pipelines is rooted more in concerns about fear of desecrating the environment; conservatives' support for the development of oil pipelines is rooted more in their concerns about (corporate) fairness.

In surveys about the oil pipeline issue, liberals' primary complaint was based on sanctity -- and they claimed that sanctity was a more relevant consideration than did conservatives.

The survey didn't get into abortion, though I think we all know where each side stands on that (please tell me why men feel it's imperative -- or even their business -- to control women's bodies?).

"The findings are the first, to our knowledge, to show that liberals can base their moral opinions on sanctity more than conservatives do when voicing opinions about culture-war issues," researchers say.


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