So It's Winter? Get Out There and Exercise, Anyway!

Probably not everyone is as crazy as I am, going jogging in an ice storm (broke my wrist yesterday), but experts say, don't drop your

Granted, it takes much more energy to roll out of bed early on a cold dark day to get your routine going, but there's something about crisp bite of the air on your face after a night of dry heat.  But it's even more important than that.

Says, “Once chilly weather arrives, the temptaton to skip your outdoor exercise routine can often be very strong,” quoting Dr. Heidi Freeman, PhD, at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, who has compiled seasonal fitness tips to keep individuals fit, inspired, and warm during the winter. months. “However, the cold weather does not have to mean an end to outdoor exercise, and it certainly shouldn’t intimidate exercisers," says the program director of exercise science and wellness management at USciences.

The  first tip is obvious.  Dress for the weather, usually in layers.  When I start to get overheated, I unwrap my scarf, even unzip my jacket or remove my ear muffs.  If I get really hot, I take my gloves off.

Another tip?  Protect your hands, feet and ears.  I once had the early stages of frostbite one Minnesota winter, and believe me, I never want to repeat that!  My heat in the car went out on one of the coldest days of the year and I'd left my gloves at home.  (Put that down as another crazy thing!)

This may not seem to make much sense as you're hardly sweating bullets in the cold, but hydrate.  You really are sweating, under all those layers.

Finally, because the daylight hours are limited during the winter months, stay safe by letting someone know your exercise plan and when you expect to be back. And wear a headlamp and/or reflective markers in the dark.


  1. Deb - Sorry to hear about the broken wrist. Feel better. I'm trying to avoid running, as much as I want to, for just that reason. I would slip and fall and become a speed bump for our crazed NJ commuters. Was the doctor able to reset your wrist slightly to the right? Well, I'm out of action until the roads are totally clear of snow and ice. Season's Greetings my friend.


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