Coffee Can Make Us Behave

So what can't coffee do?

It wakes us up, maybe wards off diabetes, even Alzheimer's. And now it can help us behave more ethically, according to

A new study has found that coffee can help sleep-deprived employees resist the urge to go along with unethical behavior.  In an experiment, those who chewed caffeinated gum were less likely go along with deception than the group who chewed regular gum.

Alyson Windsor reports that researchers found that their findings built upon previous research by two of the authors who'd found that lack of sleep can make workers more susceptible to social influence, less able to regulate their emotions and more likely to make or go along with unethical choices in the workplace.

She adds, in a press release, David Welsh, an organizational behavior professor at the University of Washington, said “When you’re sleep deprived at work, it’s much easier to simply go along with unethical suggestions from your boss because resistance takes effort and you’re already worn down. However, we found that caffeine can give sleep-deprived individuals the extra energy needed to resist unethical behavior.”

So the next time you're tempted to lie on your expense report, have a cup of coffee first.


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