Now That Stuff You Cook With May Protect Against Air Pollution, Too

It's good for your heart.  It's supposed to help you lose weight.  And it makes a tasty spaghetti aglio e olio.

I'm talking, of course, about olive oil.  My husband takes every vitamin under the sun and now it's going to be olive oil supplements.

A new study has found that these supplements may protect us from air pollution.

“Exposure to airborne particulate matter can lead to (unregulated blood clotting), a condition in which the inner lining of blood vessels does not function normally, which is a risk factor for clinical cardiovascular events and progression of atherosclerosis,” said lead study author Dr. Haiyan Tong, MD, PhD, a research biologist with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, at “As olive oil and fish oil are known to have beneficial effects on (this type of) dysfunction, we examined whether use of these supplements would counteract the adverse cardiovascular effects of exposure to concentrated ambient particulate matter in a controlled setting.”

A lot of words to say that air pollution may not be so threatening to people with cardiac disease, where clotting can cause the heart to shut down.

Should we all be taking olive oil supplements?  I guess that's up to you.  But since the oil is responsible for so many other health benefits, makes sense to me.


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