Poll: Could Oprah Make You Vote for a Candidate? Most Likely, Not

OK, so is Oprah going to do it?

Resurrect Weight Watchers, that is.  She bought a 10% stake in the company this week.

Not that it's going out of business, with all the fatties running around.  But paid memberships have been slowing down and I guess they needed something special to turn it around (although at my meeting, you can't get a seat!).

Yay, Oprah.  Yay, Weight Watchers.

But a new study has found that celebrity endorsements may hurt candidates more than help them. Of course, no one's running for Weight Watchers but in this hotly contested primary and nomination time, we've seen some famous people stumping for, well, other famous people.

Researchers asked 804 likely 2016 general election voters in Ohio if a particular celebrity, interest group, or newspaper endorsed a candidate for President, would it make the voter more likely or less likely to vote for that candidate.

If the Cleveland Plain Dealer did, 14.7% said it might make it more likely, while 8.4% said it would make it less likely.  The New York Times?  15.9% said it would, 13.4% said it wouldn't.  As for the National Rifle Association, 20.4% said yes, it would make it more likely, while 25.8% said less likely.

But Oprah may like this least of all.  Her rating?  13.3% said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate she endorsed.  And 18.5 said it would make them not vote for the candidate.

So Oprah, stick with Weight Watchers.  They've got you covered.


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