Trump a Risk-Taker? Not So Much

I found this pretty interesting.

A new study has found that not all narcissists are risk-takers.  Donald Trump immediately came to mind.

Experts say he will drop out of the presidential race before the primaries because he won't take any chances of losing, or going down in the polls.  I think that's a good call.  At heart, he's a quitter.

Many studies have found that narcissists often make volatile and risky decisions, possibly because they tend to have inflated views of their own abilities and achievements, according to

But in a series of three experiments, researchers found that people who scored higher on measures of narcissism were no more likely than others to make risky choices in lab-based tasks.

 “I thought that narcissists, given that they are impulsive and have high opinions of themselves, would take bigger risks. That’s what other research would have suggested,” says one of the researchers.“But any association between narcissism and risk-taking that we found was very small and essentially meaningless.”

One explanation for the discrepancy may be the fact that many of the studies linking narcissism and risk-taking were based on self-reports: Essentially, narcissists saying that they took risks in certain situations.

But self-reports may not be the best way to measure risk-taking for this group, the experts say. “When they’re asked, narcissists may brag about taking big risks because they’re showing off.  But their own behavior in our experiments doesn’t support their claims about being risk-takers.”

However, they caution that this research doesn’t mean that narcissists shun risky decision-making in all situations. For example, this study included college students, who may not always act the same way as older adults. Also, in this research, the participants were taking risks that could hurt only themselves.

“Narcissists may act differently in situations where the risks of their decisions are borne at least somewhat by other people,” they say.

Hmm.   Sounds like Trump..

The study was conducted Ohio State at Newark.


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