You Won't Touch a Super Bowl Snack After This

Ready for SuperBowl 50?  I'm not.  I hate the game.  I live in a tennis and soccer house.  Sorry.

But how about those snacks?  If you want to keep enjoying them, stop reading.

A new study says if you're gonna eat two slices of Domino's Ultimate Pepperoni Hand-Tossed, Large, you'd have to run 109 football fields to burn it off.

A handful (ounce) of peanuts?   Coaching football for 35 minutes.

One potato chip with French Onion Dip (and this you might find even less tasty than that)?  Thirty minutes of singing along to ColdPlay and Beyonce during the halftime show.

And what about two KFC Original Recipe Chicken Drumsticks?  Try 1,561 waves.

On the liquid side, two bottles of Budweiser beer equal 267 touchdown dances in the end zone.

And five tortilla chips with 7-layer dip?  Sixty minutes performing in a marching band.

So what's a guy (or girl) to do?  Think about healthier snacks, of course.  That doesn't mean you have to go for the apples and bottled water.  But just think about what you're putting in your mouth.  And is it really worth it?


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