Want to Know What Your Doctor Thinks About Your Case? Open Notes Will Tell You

 Think what it would be like to be able to read your doctor's notes about you. You'd prbably love it until you got to the part where he writes you're fat.

Willamette Health Partners in Oregon will soon experiment with allowing patients to get access to their doctors’ medical notes online, according to statesmanjournal.com.
Called OpenNotes, Salem Health’s outpatient clinics are joining a number of other health care organizations in the Northwest that are already practicing Open Notes or intend to in the next year or two. They include Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Health, Oregon Health & Science University, Providence Medical Group Oregon, The Portland Clinic, The Vancouver Clinic and Portland VA Medical Center.

Shea Corum of Salem Health tells Saerom Yoo the pilot program will help assess whether patients find the additional information helpful and whether it stimulates more productive conversations. It will also demonstrate how patients' access to these notes will affect the work flow of providers.

If it’s officially rolled out, 12,000 patients could have access to it.

The program was actually started on the East Coast as part of a large-scale research study conducted at health systems in Boston, Pennsylvania and Seattle, according to a press release from nonprofit We Can Do Better.

The Boston Globe reports that, as part of an ongoing effort to make care more transparent, clinicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have begun posting mental health notes in patients’ electronic medical records, allowing the patients immediate access to the summaries at home.


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