Happy? You'll Post On Twitter. Not Happy? Not So Much

Guess where people like to share good news?

A new study has found that, when experiencing positive events, people preferr to share via texting and Twitter, because "both media are easily accessible from smartphones and are non-intrusive in that communication partners don’t have to reply immediately," according to newswise.com.

When experiencing negative events, people prefer using the telephone, a more intrusive medium.

“You often hear people say when the phone rings, it’s bad news,” study author Catalina Toma, an assistant professor of communication arts at UW-Madison, says at newswise.com.“Our data support that.”

The team also found that social sharing via media enhanced the emotional tone of the event. Sharing a positive event increased its impact. “Telling somebody makes you even happier,”she says, adding that “It’s almost like the event is not even real until you tell somebody."

But if you feel sad because you had a lousy trip to the dentist (don't tell my husband) or a fight with your spouse and post something about it on Facebook, you will not feel better. Regardless of which form of media people in the study used to share bad news, they felt worse (though sharing by telephone had the smallest negative effect).

“Their negative effect got aggravated,” Toma says. “Sharing also makes it more real.”


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