So, it was a contest, Adam? Killer Profile Tonight

Just read the latest disturbing news about Adam Lanza, the Newtown mass murderer.  It was a game to him.             He had hoped to beat Anders Breivik, the crazed Norwegian who killed 77 people in 2011, according to news sources.

As Karen Morrison of The Sun (UK) adds, "According to two officials briefed on the Newtown investigation, CBS said Lanza targeted the elementary school because he saw it as the 'easiest target' with the 'largest cluster of people."

Connecticut law enforcement denies that this information is true, but as it's also been reported, officials have been able to reassemble one of Lanza's hard drives.

Tonight PBS, which has been running a series on Newtown all week, will explore the factors that may have led to the carnage in "Mind of a Rampage Killer," at 9 pm EST.

The show leads in with a discussion about whether killers have the urge to kill, or "the desire to die."


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