What Are We, As A Nation, Coming To?

That President Obama feels the need to have photos taken of him skeet shooting?  And that gun zealots have to smugly note that it's "only" skeet shooting, or that the photo was faked? 

Isn't what we're talking about here not sport guns vs. assault rifles, but lives?  That's what's getting lost in all this nonsense. 

And who cares if Obama shoots skeets (and what the hell are skeets, anyway?) once a week or once a lifetime? Does that make him less a man, or leader?  I guess to the NRA, it does, who, according to Darlene Superville, is "scoffing" at his claim.

And why is Obama going along with this?  Why does he feel the need to shoot, or defend his right not to shoot?  Is that really what we want this all to be about?




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