Tweets from the grave?

Now I've heard everything. Want to hear from your spouse after he's buried?  Tuck an iPod logged onto twitter into his casket and you'll keep hearing from him.

Though the new app, LivesOn, places users have tweeted before will keep updating the information so you'll feel like you still have a link to your loved one. Using artificial intelligence, this app -- developed by a London advertising group, of all things -- analyzes likes, Web sites visited in the past, even scours the Web for news related to these subjects, according to Damien Gayle of The Daily Mail in the UK.

Not everyone agrees this is a good idea.   “I think memorializing is a good thing…but I can't see why/how this sort of service would be remotely beneficial. Coming to terms with loss is to accept that once a person has gone, they have gone for good. Who would benefit from this?” Naomi Laver, a psycho-therapeutic counselor, told the Wall Street Journal, as Michael Allen reported.

And what about stalkers?  “What do we do if someone uses this new extension of time in a way that torments or stalks its receivers?”  Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center in Massachusetts, told Allen.

I happened to hear about this when one of those noontime entertainment specials was on.  The anchor said she thought it was grisly.  Have to say I agree.  And anyway, why on earth would I want to know what Bill O'Reilly and screamin' Jim Cramer are saying years from now?  It's bad enough now, when my husband's still alive!


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