Drink Pepsi? Get a Sip of Cancer

You'll be as shocked -- and horrified -- as I was when you read this.  Pepsi has finally agreed to dump the carcinogen that's been in its drinks for years.

According to smartplanet.com, "The chemical in question is called 4-methylimidazole (4-MeI) and it’s used for the soda’s carmel coloring."

But Pepsi has long known that it can cause cancer. 

Of course, it all started in California, where many health trends originate, when the state last year began to require companies to label any known carcinogens in their products.  The Center for Environmental Health pressured both Coca-Cola and Pepsi to remove 4-Mel from its sodas, and they said they would. But unless you live in California, it's still in your Pepsi.

Both companies have since removed the chemical in California products, only Pepsi still uses the chemical outside California according to tests done by the environmental group, Tyler Falk reports.

Now Pepsi is vowing to make a change.  But what about all those people who drank Pepsi for years with that carcinogen in it?  Tough luck, I guess.  Isn't it great to be a big company and do only what's right for you, never having to be accountable to the people who buy your products?

Though consumption of sugary drinks is way down, and has been declining for the last eight years, many still drink Pepsi.  It will be interesting to see if lawsuits start percolating, though I imagine it would be hard to prove your colon cancer came from Pepsi -- Pepsi's thinking, exactly.


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