Who Has the Least Loyal Employees?

Amazon.  Google.  Family Dollar Stores Inc. New York Mutual Life Insurance Company.

What do these companies have in common?  Not what you think.  They're companies with the least loyal employees, according to a story at smartplanet.com.

The story adds that it's not just unhappy employees leaving.  Even at companies where employees have the longest tenure (20 years, Eastman Kodak Co.), 55% are not satisfied in their jobs.

And what's leading the reason band-wagon?  You'll never believe it.  The economy.  “As the economy continues to improve, jobs will become more plentiful,” said Katie Bardaro, lead economist for PayScale, as reported at smartplanet.com. “This creates options for people with in-demand skills, and the chance that top performers will jump ship increases. In this environment, companies will need to evaluate what causes employees to leave and improve these areas, such as pay, work environment, vacation policies, etc., before loyalty reduces further.”

Now the average work life span of workers today is a little under five years.  And I job-hopped long before it was popular, logging six before I turned 30.  And where did I find the most job satisfaction?  The one that paid the least, a newspaper.  My two top-paying jobs were with two of the biggest corporations in the U.S. And, sad to say, I hated every minute.

Starting my own business was the answer for me, taking on the two corporations as clients.  (Sorry, you guys!)  I was just too independent (and lousy at workplace politics) to survive.

But if you're a corporation in a metro area, where there's lots to do, it's likely your employees will be more loyal.  Also, loyalty can depend on what your employees do.  I was stunned to learn that those in manufacturing stayed the longest (about nine years).  Too bad this industry is all but disappearing.

The retail industry is at the other end, with a stay of only 2.8 years, if you work in that.  (Hmm.  Who'd think unpacking boxes with razors, lousy hours, complaining customers and nasty supervisors would have that much impact?!)

The article didn't go on to say what unloyal employees do, other than leave.  But I bet more than a few stole some paper clips and scotch tape before moving on!


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