Now Buildings Will Make You Exercise

How about this?  Instead of forcing you to drink beverages in smaller-size cups, or count the calories on a menu, a new plan to build so that people have to walk around to get where they're going, is in the works.

According to a story in The Wall Street Journal today, architects are being asked by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to build, well, healthier buildings.

His idea is to "combat obesity through building design."  And he'll do this by tapping into "the expertise of the city's design and construction, health, transportation, planning and budget departments," the WSJ reports.

His plan?  Provide strategies for creating healthier buildings, streets and public spaces.

Not much else is known at this point but this fits in with Bloomberg's penchant to combat obesity overall in the city, along with his order to limit the sizes of sugary beverages (since overturned) and promote biking as a way to get around.

I guess the buildings could be built with a lot of stairs, or a maze you have to get around to get to your office, or even a structure located far from the parking lot (which, in my hometown of Stamford, CT, is getting a lot of "boos" as the new railroad parking situation that's been proposed places parking up to a quarter-mile away from the station!).


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