Fast Food with Lettuce From the Garden Out Back? It's Here!

Imagine this.  A fast food restaurant that has its own gardens to produce sustainable and healthy foods? But yes, Virginia, there is one.   And it's called b.good.

Sadly, even though it's reportedly a chain in the Northeast, it's not one that's here in Connecticut, where I live.  And I have to say I've never heard of it.  But apparently they're regionally located and they're known for their determination to grow the very lettuce that goes on their hamburger buns.

b.good, projects that it could harvest about 3,000 pounds of tomatoes this year, in addition to 500 pounds of greens, from gardens adjoining two of its store locations, according to

Apparently it all began on the roof of a parking garage in downtown Boston, above the b.good restaurant. And now that it's growing its business from its original 12 locations to offering franchises, we're probably going to be hearing a lot more about it.

You have to admit, rooftop gardening and fast food don’t exactly mix. b.good co-founder Jon Olinto notes that the National Restaurant Association put “restaurant gardens and hyperlocal sourcing” as number 7 on its top 20 trends list, but mostly that’s a buzz word. “I don’t see chains trying to roll it out. I don’t think McDonald’s will open a garden," notes.

b.good does save some money growing vegetables, though the several thousands in savings so far certainly won’t make or break the business.

“If you just ran financial models, you can definitely save a little bit of money,” Olinto tells But, he says, “I think you have to take a more macro reinforces what our brand is supposed to be about. Our customers will get really crazy about it. It’s an awesome thing.”


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