Phone App New Help in Conceiving

Having trouble conceiving? Use your phone.

No, not that way.  But with a new app, women can record the timing of their last menstrual period and as more data is entered, the app, the Glow, more accurately predicts their body's fertility cycle.  Glow populates a calendar to display dates for a woman's period and suspected optimum, ovulation delay, according to Jacqueline Lee.

 The app can also remind dads-to-be to "Stay out of the hot tub!", "Wear boxers, not briefs," and other tips to improve their fertility, as well.

Infertility strikes one in three women after age 35, so this could be a real money-maker for Levchin, the company which developed the app, whose founder, Max Levchin, also birthed PayPal.  According to estimates, 7.3 million people in the U.S., or one in eight couples, have trouble conceiving. 

Though many couples would prefer to procreate in a less structured way, there's no beating the app for setting up a road map to the time you're most likely to get pregnant.

But put aside the wine and soft music.  First you have to pay for a 10-month subscription to a non-profit organization called "Glow First."  

And what about those who don't succeed?  Or those who find it too intrusive?  Not everyone's on board.  Slate’s Farhad Manjoo offers a dismissive critique, questioning the app’s value and essentially describing it as a creepy extension of the quantified-self “fad," according to Ki Mae Huessner (who confesses she's pregnant, but not the way she did it).

Of course, there are other ways to tell when you're ovulating, if you have regular periods, like taking your temperature, or using an ovulation predictor.  And there's also any number of reasons why even knowing when you're ovulating, then taking advantage of it, won't send the stork your way.  With many women (myself included) having children older, slow sperm, bad eggs, and fallopian tube issues figure significantly.

But why not have some fun?  Just know it might take quite a few taps on the app to get yo your baby.


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