Freak You Out? The Blood Type Diet

Now I've heard everything.  Base a diet on calories in, calories out.  Eat just grapefruit.  Go on a seafood diet (see food? eat it).

But here's a new one.  Researchers now think a diet based on your blood type could help you hack off the pounds.

Depending on individual blood type, one expert says, "Each individual reacts differently to substances called lectins, which are present on the surface of all plant and animal foods."  The scientist, Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician, and a believer in in the ABO blood group system, maintains that "eating the wrong foods for your blood type creates problems that lead to inflammation, weight gain and disease," according to

To support his theory, D’Adamo points out that "the different populations of intestinal microbiota – the bacteria in your gut -- persist from ancient adaptations to different food supplies as humans migrated across the globe."

It's a little complicated but bear with me. Blood type is inherited; each of us is a descendant of people who migrated from particular regions, writes . "Because of this, each of us naturally breaks down certain foods more efficiently depending on our blood type. If you adopt the dietary pattern common to the time and place at which your blood type emerged, then your digestive function would be optimized and you would have less problems with weight, inflammation and disease," Susan Scutti writes.

To put it very simply, Type B people descended from nomadic tribes who raised herds; they do well on a diet of plant foods and red meat. "Blood type AB people find their ancestors among both the A and B populations so their digestive tract has the combined strength of both groups. Finally, type O people, who are descendants of hunter-gatherers, respond well to meat while doing poorly with bread and gluten products," Scutti reports.

Is this really true?  The jury's still out. 


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