Yet One More Way To Live Longer: Have Cataract Surgery

Let's face it.  No one wants cataract surgery.  (Though I've heard you can throw away your glasses, so I'm up for it!).  But here's a really good reason to have one, if you have to.

You''ll live longer.

Or so a new study says. According to, "People with cataract-related vision loss who have had cataract surgery to improve their sight are living longer than those with visual impairment who chose not to have the procedure, according to an Australian study."

Researchers found a 40 percent lower long-term mortality risk in those who had the surgery. 

A different, earlier study found that that older persons with visual impairment were likely to have greater mortality risk than their age peers with normal vision, and that cataract surgery might reduce this risk, the Web site reports.

The big question.  Why?

It's not magical, unfortunately.  It's probably because people who've had the surgery start taking better care of their physical and emotional well-being, have greater confidence associated with independent living after vision improvement, and a greater ability to comply with prescription medications (which only about 40% of us do), and that helps keep them healthier.


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