You CAN Brush Your Teeth Too Much, and Other Healthy, Hurtful Habits

I was intrigued when I saw this headline at, 13 healthy habits that can hurt.  We're all so drummed over the head about healthy behaviors, I thought, hmm, let's see exactly what we're not supposed to be doing, after all.

1.)  Sun.  Not too much.  OK, OK, sunscreen.  We all know that.

2.)  Water.  Drinking only that during high-energy exercise depletes the body of sodium, causing fatigue and sometimes fainting.  Drink energy drinks, too, but watch out for the sugar.

3.)  Exercise.  Too much is the problem.  Many think the more they exercise, and the harder, the more quickly they'll get in shape.  Not.  Too much exercise can actually cause a person to lose strength, says, and cause fatigue and muscle pain.

4.)  Exercise, again.  But this time it's people who are addicted to it.  I know quite a few, and may even be one of them, at times.  When it makes you run, or swim, or bike through pain (me again), it's a bad thing.

5.)  Eliminating certain things from your diet.  Brownies and ice cream aren't really good for us, but if we deprive ourselves of them, guess what?  We'll eventually just eat more.  And don't head for the salad bar and think you're eating healthy.  These wells of cheeses and nuts and dried fruits and high-calorie dressings can pack on the pounds in no time, just like the brownies and ice cream.

6.)  Healthy food obsession.  Cantaloupe, spinach, liver, blueberies.  These are all great things to eat.  But extremem preoccupation or obession with certain foods -- and not others -- can actually lead to malnutrition. Eat a balance diet (and yes, that includes, occasionally, brownies and ice cream!)

7.)  Sleep.  This one surprised me.  Though most of us don't get enough, you can get too much.  Adults really only need 7 to 8 hours a night.  Any more and you could actually increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and even obesity.

8.)  Brushing your teeth.  Yes, of course, it's a good thing, but if you're brushing more than twice a day, stop.  Too much brushing can cause tooth sensitivty (yes, there is such a thing), and that can lead to gum recession, and you don't even want to go there. 

9.)  Shampoo.  Only two or three times a week, say experts, because excessive shampooing can increase sebum oils, and cause your hair to look greasy.

10.) Protein.  While it's a very good thing -- and most diets depend on it -- only go on a high-protein one for a short while, because the eating of all that beef and dairy and other meats can lead to risk of heart attack, kidney failure and cause digestive diseases like diverticulitis. 

11.) Moderate drinking.  Some think it's good for you, but it's those who are "light drinkers" live longer, are more creative and have healthier hearts than heavier drinkers, and even, here's the surprise, non-drinkers.

12.) Multivitamins.  We've all been taught we absolutely have to take them, but excessive use of them cancause heart attacks, seizure, and even, shorter lives. 

13.) Fish.  Haven't we been taught you can never eat enough?  Well, pregnant women should avoid tuna (for all the mercury), and too much omega-3 fats can cause deficiencies in vitamins. There's even been reports lately that fish and fish oil cause prostate and breast cancers, though that's been pretty much debunked.


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