McDonald's Healthy? No way! Way.

Can it really be?  Is McDonald's really going to offer healthy food, not just salads that, when you add the dressing and croutons, have more fat and calories than Big Macs?

Looks like it might be true.  Both The New York Times and Daily Mail ran stories this week about the fast food giant's new menu that will in, three years, in some places, allow diners to swap french fries for salad, fruit or vegetables (real vegetables), something they've been doing in France (it figures) for some time, and other healthy choices.

The new menus are being rolled out in 20 of the company's markets, both here and abroad, that are responsible for 85% of their sales.  

The changes will take place in half  of McDonald's restaurants in three years, and the rest will roll out sometime. .  .later.  Oh, 2020.

The reason they're doing this?  There're a lot, but one of the main ones is you millennials, who prefer Chipotle and Panera (me, too).

What's in store?  Cups of corn and kiwi on a stick, two things available in other countries right now, for starters.

McDonald's is also revamping its pitch to kids, allowing them, too, to switch out fries for something healthier, and replacing soda with water or milk.  I think I even heard something about removing the toys from Happy Meals!  Soon your kids won't want to go there at all (hmm, I see a mom in their marketing department).

McDonald's estimates it's going to cost about $35 million, small change for this behemoth.  But as one expert pointed out, “Companies like McDonald’s play a powerful role in shaping the culture and environment that influences the health-related behaviors of young people,” as Howell Wechsler, chief executive of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization set up by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association to reduce obesity in children, told The New York Times' Stephanie Strom.

So move over Subway.  Well, you have three years.


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