Does Anything Hurt More Than a Mammogram? Oh, Yes!

They're things we do to ourselves voluntarily, and they hurt.  According to, there are a lot of things we do to our bodies that hurt more than getting our breasts squashed between two plates.

For one, there's botox.  We love what it does to our wrinkles (maybe not so much our smile or frown), but when doesn't it hurt to have a needle stuck in our face?

Second is a bikini wax.  And here I absolutely agree  No more needs to be said!

Third is lip wax and eyebrow threading.  Never had either but seven out of 10 women say they hurt more than mammograms, reports.

Fourth is high heels, and yes, they do slim and lengthen our legs, but they can do permanent damage to our feet, like corns, cracked heels and bunions.  Not to mention how they make our feet look, after years of wearing them.  I must admit, the new four-inch heels make me cringe a little, when I think of sliding them on my feet.

And I'll give you a fifth thing that's more painful than a mammogram.  How about a tattoo?  Granted, many of us never get one, but 21 out of 10 (!) women think a tattoo hurts more than this test.  So get yours every year if you're 40 and over, and you might even want to consider it younger, because statistics are showing that more and more younger women (a little under 7% of women under 40 are being given this bad news, and that may not seem like a lot, but it's hundreds of thousands of women)are being diagnosed, and as with every cancer, early detection is best.

Don't listen to the folks who say we're being over-diagnosed (as I was) because mammograms have become so sensitive they now pick up the slightest abnormality.  Am I sorry my cellular changes were found, forcing me to have every surgery prescribed for a woman with cancer, even though I now know I had "precancer"?  No, not really. Well, maybe a little.  But I'd rather be told I didn't have cancer when I thought I did, than the other way around.


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