Vaginas Rule

This may be hard for you to read.  It was a little hard for me to watch.  But once I got over the initial awkwardness, it was truly beautiful.

I'm talking about a piece a Connecticut College student did on vaginas.

She asked a series of men her age what they thought about vaginas, and the answers ranged from sheer embarrassed silence to "they're very strong" to "cosy" to "they run the world," to "spent some time in a vagina back in '92 and it was homey," to "you don't have the vagina for it," in place of what people usually say, referring to men's genitals.

In the beginning the answers were a little stiff, a little embarrassed, but once the young men got going, you could tell they really were thinking hard and taking it seriously.  Quite a few commented that they wouldn't be here if it weren't for a vagina. notes that BuzzFeed says the “endearing and uplifting” video “forces us to think of women and vaginas as something more than sexual objects,” while the Huffington Post says “… we love that these young men were willing to share, on-camera, what vaginas mean to them outside of sex.”

“I had absolutely no idea it would be this successful,” quotes the video’s creator, Connecticut College senior Alia Roth.  "As an activist, I am constantly trying to think of innovative ways to reach those who may not pay attention to these issues – and get them to care."

Go to and see for yourself.


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