Oreos = Cocaine

It's been all over the news.  CBS.  CNN.  I even saw it on "Regis and Kathy Lee" or whatever it's called now with that skinny blonde and huge football player. 

Oreos = cocaine.

Well, not really.  But a new study has supposedly found that oreos trigger the same addictive response in the brain -- because of all that fat and sugar -- that cocaine does.

"The  cookies have been found to trigger the same neurons in the brain's 'pleasure centre' as the outlawed drug during extensive lab testing on rats.," The Daily Mail reports.

They're basing it all on rats, of course (though they probably could have got humans in on this one). But a team at the Connecticut College Fund found that both oreos and cocaine caused the same behavior in rats -- when they were served either the cookie or the drug, they "hung out together."  Rats given injections of saline instead tended to remain to themselves.

Hmm....My son likes to spend a lot of time alone in front of his computer.  Maybe I should just give him some cocaine.  Oh, but then he does like oreos!

And guess what part the rats eat first? The cream part, of course, like most cookie cravers. I, myself, prefer the whole cookie in my bite, so I guess I'm less ratlike than others!

Oh, and they started the experiment with rice cakes. Not surprisingly, the rats weren't interested.


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