Does a Man Slow Down When Walking With You? He's in Love

It wasn't true for me.  The one time I tried to jog with my husband, he took off like he heard the starter's pistol.  But a new study has found that most men slow down when they're walking with a woman to meet her pace -- if she's his romantic partner.

According to, the study tracked men and women walking three different ways -- alone, with their significant other (with and without holding hands), and with a person of the opposite sex.

When the males walked with their female romantic partners, the researchers observed that they slowed down by an average of 7% to match the female's speed.

"However, when men and women who were not romantic partners walked together, the paces did not significantly change. Though the females slightly sped up and the males slightly slowed down, the researchers say that the lack of a significant change suggests that pace adjustments only occur for romantic partners," the Web site reports.
Interestingly, when the females travelled together, they walked even slower than they did with their partner. The researchers say this could relate to previous work showing that women report feeling very close to their female friends.
In contrast, previous studies have shown that men report not feeling as close to or intimate with their male friends, and indeed, the men walked more quickly when walking together than they did when they walked alone.
So does he not consider me his romantic partner?  I don't think my husband would agree.  He's just a very competitive guy, and for him, whether it's a male or a female, he wants to win the race.


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