Cellphones: First Cancer, Now Stroke

So now it's stroke?  A while back all the news was aflutter about the brain cancer risk of cellphones.  And now it's stroke.

According to The Daily Mail, the metal used in some cellphones doubled the risk of stroke of users in a recent study. Current exposure to the metal is low, the newspaper reports, but it's being used more and more in mobile phones, computers and even light bulbs.

Eight thousand adults in the U.S. between 18 and 74 were followed for 12 years (I didn't even know what a cellphone was, 12 years ago!) and strokes occurred more frequently in this group than those who used cellphones significantly less.

The metal is tungsten and high levels of it can cause stroke, especially in people younger than 50. During production, small amounts of this metal escape into the environment, landing in rivers and farmland, where food crops are grown, and also in the air.

It seems to affect some people more than others, although scientists do not know who, or why.  But don't throw your phone away just yet -- at least, not until we know what the next disease is.


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