Meet the New Weight Loss Miracle: Tea.

I've been drinking it for years -- maybe because my British grandmother would always have a spot of "tea and toast" every afternoon at 4.

But I love tea, especially iced tea, which I drink year-round, and now a new study is proving me right.  Or, at least for once, in the know.

"Tea may indeed be a magical elixir," reports, " as it was shown to promote weight loss, prevent chronic illnesses and improve mood."

Whether iced or hot, on any given day, over 158 million people in the US drink tea, according to the Tea Association of the USA. And our British counterparts consume 165 million cups daily, the Web site notes.

Believe it or not, tea is the second most-consumed beverage in the world, beaten out only by water. 
"Researchers who looked at polyphenols - natural compounds in tea - found that they, along with the caffeine content, increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation, which resulted in weight loss and helped maintain a healthy body weight," according to
The story goes on to say that one study "shows that subjects who consumed green tea and caffeine lost an average of 2.9 pounds over 12 weeks, all while maintaining their normal diet."
And other studies have shown that regular tea drinkers have lower body mass indexes (BMIs) and waist-to-hip ratios, along with less body fat, compared with non-tea drinkers.
"Additionally, another review showed that the increase in calories burned as a result of drinking tea equates to around 100 calories during a 24-hour period," notes.
Now, I'm not sure about this.  It seems a bit much.  But the next time I go out to run three miles to burn 100 calories, maybe I'll just drink a cup of tea instead.


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