Stay Trim? Keep Your Heat Up High

Seems counter-intuitive to me but a new study has established that people living in well-heated homes have lower BMIs and tend not to be obese.

Usually it's heavier people who don't need to keep the heat so high, but this new study of 100,000 people in Scotland in central-heated homes proved it out.  Though other
studies -- done in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe -- suggest this is not true, according to

"We set out to investigate the scientific claims that cooler indoor temperatures help us maintain a healthy weight by pushing our bodies to expend more energy through shivering and generating heat through tissues. In fact, the research suggests people may eat less and burn more energy when residing in a warmer indoor environment," the Web site reports on the study.

""This research suggests the obesity epidemic could worsen where heating is turned down below comfortable levels, or off, for lengthy periods to cut costs," quotes Michael Daly, study author and behavioral scientist from the University of Stirling in Scotland.

The best temperature to keep your house?  Between 68.5 to 73.4 degrees F. 

"At temperatures above this, we expend more energy and we eat less because our appetite is suppressed," he says.


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