Not All Oils Good for You

I don't know about you but I've been using olive oil on just about everything I can, because of its heart-healthy qualities.  But now a new study has found that some oils touted to be good for you can actually cause heart disease.

According to, "Some vegetable oils that claim to be healthy may actually increase the risk of heart disease."

Which ones are they?  Corn and safflower oil, it appears, from the study, which was done in Canada.

True, they're probably better than the saturated fats they're replacing (and we won't even get into trans fats), but they don't contain omega-3 linolenic acid, the heart-healthy oil.

In Canada omega-6 linoleic acid, the less healthy acid, is found in mayonnaise, margarine, chips and nuts. Canola and soybean oils, which are healthier, are the most common forms of oil in the Canadian diet, reports.

What does this mean for us in the U.S.?  I guess, the same thing.  Stay away from corn and safflower oils.

I've also recently learned that oil, specifically olive oil, can help when losing weight.  It does something to metabolize the food you eat, or something like that, but I've noticed that since I've added it to my diet (2 tsp daily), I do seem to be losing some weight.  Or maybe it's just that my food tastes oily.  When I cook with it, I blot everything with paper towels after cooking, so I guess you can't really say I'm getting the benefit!


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