Does Green Tea Really Stop Cancer Dead in its Tracks?

A new study says what our grandmothers ate affects us now.  In fact, the headline of the article reads, "Will your grandmother's diet affect your chances of colon cancer?"

I sure hope not. Mine died of colon cancer.

Apparently the study is underway to see if green tea can help prevent cancer in today's Westernized diets. Researchers developed a diet that mimics typical U.S. nutrition for studies of human cancer using animal models, according to 

"In this case, rodents with cancer will be studied, which will allow (researchers) to look at the effects of the diet on multiple generations in a short period of time." One study author predicts that green tea will have a greater benefit to those mice that are exposed to the Western diet than those on a healthy diet. She also believes that the more generations exposed to the Western diet, the greater the risk of colon cancer in the offspring.

We've been told for years that eating too much red and processed meats puts us at higher risk. But this study is hoping to uncover whether it's more than that in our diets which causes us to develop this disease. 

My grandmother was born in England and didn't come to this country until she was in her 20s, and I don't ever recall seeing her eat processed meat of any kind (though she did like hamburgers).  

“In the end, what we’re hoping is to be able to determine if there are certain populations that would benefit from a diet modification, an increase consumption of green tea,” Abby Benninghoff, an assistant professor in Utah State University’s College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, said at

For a long time, green tea has been associated with cancer prevention.  A friend who's an ovarian cancer survivor drinks nothing but.  This study may prove for the first time whether this, indeed, does stop cancer dead in its tracks.  


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