Obese People Exercise Vigorously Less Than One Minute A Day

Isn't this depressing?  According to a new study, obese people get less than one vigorous minute of exercise a day, newswise.com reports.

Now, I've had to force myself to exercise and even though I do it religiously -- swimming, jogging and sometimes biking almost every day -- I still hate it.  When we get to the vigorous part of Zumba, I really hate it.  I know it's doing good things for me, but, well, I hate it.

So I can completely understand.  When I was 15 pounds heavier, I hated putting on my jogging clothes (they didn't fit) and hugging and puffing around my neighborhood.  I liked the winter because I could wear big bulky pants and sweats -- until someone asked how far along I was.  I wasn't pregnant.

I'm still not that crazy about exercise, so I can understand how difficult it can be for a heavy person to want to jump around and sweat for more than a minute.  As for the gym?  I never went there when I was overweight, either.

“Conventional wisdom and research over the past five decades suggest that obese men and women engage in less physical activity than normal weight individuals,” Arnold School exercise scientist and epidemiologist Edward Archer said. “With results from this study taken into account, and the overwhelmingly sedentary nature of the current U.S. population, the message to ‘move more, sit less’ is sound, empirically supported advice that is easily understood by health care professionals and the public," the team leader added.

Another study has found that women who sit too much may die younger.  In fact, it may double your risk of dying, according to CBS News. researchers discovered that people who sat for 11 hours a day or more were 40 percent more likely to die - from any cause. The researchers also found the odds of dying were 15 percent higher for those who sit between eight to 11 hours a day compared to those who sit less than four hours a day.


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