The Power of People-Perusing=Predicting

A young professor claims that you can tell anything about anything -- whether a company, or a marriage, will succeed -- just by, well, looking at it.

Not a glimpse of course, but by carefully observing it.

Hertenstein, an associate professor of psychology at DePauw University, is a leading expert in the field of nonverbal communication, and has written a book, The Tell, about it. It's all about how we can predict just about anything about a person or thing by little nonverbal clues.

For example, he tells that, for male CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, the power they’re perceived to have on their faces in a photo — not necessarily how attractive they are — is what predicts the profits of their Fortune 500 companies. 

Perhaps more interesting, babies exposed to bad smells, loud noises and mobiles shaken in their faces who had bad reactions to these disturbances were much more likely, in later life, to become shy, reticent kids.

"If I really wanted to know whether you thought my joke was funny, I would look around your eyes. There’s a muscle there that contracts, and when a person is experiencing a genuine positive emotion, they’ll typically contract that muscle. When it’s not contracted, that’s a good clue they don’t find your joke really funny and are just being polite.
Hmm.... Gonna use that one on my husband.


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