Overweight or Obese? You Breathe More Polluted Air

Overweight or obese? Now you have something new to worry about.  You suffer more from air pollution.

That's because people who weigh a lot breathe seven to 50% more air than the res of us, and that includes pollution, according to newswise.com. 

The really sad part of this is that, for overweight or obese children, daily inhalation rates are 10-24% higher than for normal weight children. 

It's not just inhaling air that smells bad.  Breathing it makes them more vulnerable to asthma and other pulmonary diseases.  

If overweight or obese people inhale more air compared to those with normal weight, does this mean that elite athletes may also be more vulnerable to contaminants in the air?  A cross-country skier in a competition can breathe up to 41.2 m3 per day, while a cyclist participating in the Tour de France breathes an average of 45.9 m3 per day over the 21-day race. But this is peak inhalation, which cannot be maintained daily over an entire year,newswise.com reports.

“We observed that half of the type 2 obese cohort breathed 24.6-55 m3 of air every day, year after year, so it is clear that the amount of air they inhale every day exposes them to more contaminants than some top athletes,” the Web site quotes Dr. Pierre Brochu, a professor at Université de Montréal’s School of Public Health.


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