Guns in School? I Don't Think So

So what do you think about guns in school?  I'm not talking about criminals, of course, but armed guards.  My town in Connecticut is considering police in the schools and I'm against it, according to our local newspaper, The Advocate.  I'm all for gun control.  I don't believe that having a gun helps anyone.  You're far more likely to be shot (and killed) by the intruder if you have one in your house.

Now all you hunters out there, don't gang up on me.  I have nothing against guns for sport, but I don't believe you need an assault rifle to hunt a deer (which I also don't believe in, but anyway).  We've heard all the arguments -- start with the assault rifles and all guns will be next, the Second Amendment guarantees our right (they were talking about muskets, not AR-15s), , yah, yah, yah.

But it's a slippery slope. Who's to say a deranged person like Adam Lanza can't get into a school even with armed guards?  (Remember Columbine?)  And God forbid, a student gets his hands on the gun.  I have a son in middle school and of course, I want him to be safe. But I just don't think guns are the way.  Comments?


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