Troubling Stat: Only Tiny Amount of Angry Kids Get Pyschotherapy

No matter where you stand on gun control, not many would disagree that children who are showing signs of violent temper and anger shouldn't be in some kind of psychotherapy. But the sad -- and frightening -- news is that only 20% of  kids needing therapy get it, according to Ed Stannard of the New Haven Register.

So even if Adam Lanza or his mother wanted to seek help for him, they'd have had a hard time finding it.

Stannard says it's not just Connecticut, but nationwide there's a shortage of psychologists and psychiatrists to treat kids.

And of those who do, few take insurance, so you're looking at $200 or $300 for one hour of counseling, and who can afford that on a regular basis?

It's good that President Obama is stepping up to the plate on mental health and gun violence.  But more needs to be done before we have Newtown Redux, and sadly, we will.


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