There Is No Now

Did you know that the taller you are, the further from now you live?  Sound crazy?  Well some very smart guy named Michael on YouTube posits that "We can't live in the 'now,' the very newest moment in time," because the information about what's happening right now takes time to get to our brains. And the taller we are, the longer it takes.  Thank goodness I'm only 5'2!  I need every brain cell I can have.

What our brain is telling us is happening now is really 80 milliseconds in the past.  I don't quite understand all the scientific reasons for this, they're quite involved, but the gist of it is that what we think is now, isn't.  "We can never be fully aware of what we call 'now' because it takes time for our brain to process 'now,'" says Michael in the video.

The simple truth is that,as much as we think we don't, we live in the past.


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