Everyone, Eat Twinkies!

Now I really have heard it all.  A politician wants us to "be free" eat as many Twinkies as we want.

According to politico.com writers, "Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) argued in POLITICO April 17 that it should be illegal for the U.S. government’s public health guardian — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — to point out to children and their parents that Twinkies and sugar-laced sodas are bad for health."

Huh, wha?  That's right.  Schock (should we be surprised he's a Republican?) wants to make it so government cannot interfere in what we, or our kids, eat and drink. In an op-ed he wrote for the Web site, "Schock expresses concern that federal money is being used by local health agencies to “attack … Americans’ freedom of choice” when they point out that such products have little nutritional value, and contribute to the exploding rates of diabetes and other chronic disease," politico.com reports, adding that Shock's solution makes sense -- to him. He believes in restraining the CDC and the community agencies they support.

Does he worry about obesity and what it's doing to healthcare costs?  Hardly. This sincere Congressman believes that campaigns to have kids go soda-free for a week are just, well, "propaganda," politico.com says.

In fact, Schock's gone so far as to propose a bill that would ban federal funding for any media or advertising "against the use of a food or beverage that is lawfully marketed."  Hmm.  Guess he thinks the commercials with the woman with the tube in her throat from smoking are a waste of money, too.

Wonder where he stands on gun control?



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