What Do 5-Year-Olds Want For Their Birthdays? In Kentucky, A Gun

Who on earth would give a 5-year-old a rifle for his birthday?  All you gun zealots out there, do you still believe guns should be available to anyone?

I couldn't believe this when I heard that this young boy had accidentally -- accidentally -- shot and killed his 2-year-old sister. Of course it was an accident but what moron gave this child a gun -- and put bullets in it?

I'm tired of all my ranting and raving about gun control, and am totally brokenhearted that Obama didn't call in favors or do some strong-arming of Congress to get even the watered-down background check bill passed. How could he miss this opportunity?  One that probably won't come up again for another 20 years, based on our yellow-bellied senators.

I also couldn't believe that any sane man or woman would put a donor's dollars ahead of a child's life.  But I guess I was naive.  Not just one did it, over 50 did.  What would they say now to this child's parents?  I heard the grandparents or other family members on CNN and they didn't seem all that fazed.  Sure, they were sad the 2-year-old died, but totally unaffected by the fact that their 5-year-old relative was the one who killed her -- with a gun.

I guess for Kentucky that's normal. I traveled at one time for a job in the Midwest and remember finding Kentucky charming and kind of old-fashioned. Maybe guns are just a part of the culture there but you'd think people would have enough sense to wait until a kid's at least six before giving him a gun.

I don't mean to make fun of this but I don't know what else to make of it.  It's just too sad for words.


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