Fish Oil: What's Good for the Heart May Be Good for the Head

We've all heard about the benefits of fish oil (even if we don't like the taste).  But now tests are showing that not only does it help protect our hearts, but it may also help us beat stress, too.

Researchers at Michigan Technological University have been able to prove that fish oil may counteract the "detrimental" effect of mental stress to the heart, according to

It might even prevent heart disease.

Tests judged heart rate and muscle sympathetic nerve activity in people taking fish oil compared to those taking just olive oil and definitely found that the former had a more "blunted" reaction to stress than their counterparts.  In other words, their hearts were shielded more from stress.

If you just can't stand the aftertaste fish oil tablets leave in your mouth, try two servings of fish a week, preferably salmon or others rich in omega-3 fatty acids.


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