Figure Out a Teen's Brain? Never Happen -- Maybe?

They say it's impossible.  Figuring out a teenager's brain.  But in England almost $8 million has been put forward to try.

According to, researchers are scanning the brains of people between 14 and 24 to determine changes that take place as people get older.  According to a BBC report, the study hopes to "settle the question of whether changes to brain structure explains people’s habit of acting less impulsively as they grow older. It “should also shed light on the emergence of mental disorders in young adults,” the BBC story notes.

“During the teenage years, scientists believe that the brain rewires itself, and that this rewiring, specifically at the front, will increase the mind’s ability to think ahead and control emotions,” a BBC video explains,

It all has to do with white matter and gray matter, but the bottom line is that scientists hope to find out if white matter changes "as the brain starts to regulate strong signals generated by teenage hormones."

That would shed light on why people act less impulsively as they grow older, as well as also pick up the emergence of mental health disorders at a young age.


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