Which Hand Connects to Your Brain?

I already knew this but now research has proved it.  The ear you use to listen on your cell phone is usually --  the opposite from the hand you use to hold it.

In other words, if you are left-brain dominant, like 95% of the population, you'll use your right ear to listen and your right hand to hold the phone. I'm a right-brainer and I hold my cell phone in my left hand.  I'm left-handed, though, so that may defeat the whole point.

But newswise.com reports today that there's a strong correlation between brain dominance and the ear used to listen on the phone. The majority of the population who are left-brain have their speech and language center located on the left side of the brain and are far more likely to use their right hands.  These people tend to be more logical and analytical than right-brainers.  We're more creative (or so they say) and whimsical and  logic?  Fuhgeddaboutit.  Or so my husband says.

But that's pretty interesting because he was born a lefty, yet was switched over to righty by a teacher (they did that in those days).  He went on to be a tennis star, using his right hand, but that's unusual.

Authors of the study offered another tantalizing piece of information: cell phone use and tumors of the brain, head and neck may not necessarily be linked.

Makes sense.  Since 80% of the population use their right ear, there would be a far larger proportion of people diagnosed with cancer on the right side of their brain.

In the study not everyone followed the pattern.  Newswise.com says, "Among those who are right-handed, 68% reported that they hold the phone to their right ear, while 25% used the left ear and 7% used both right and left ears. For those who are left-handed, 72% said they used their left ear for cell phone conversations, while 23% used their right ear and 5% had no preference."

So what does it matter?  I guess, not a lot.  But it's interesting to think that something as trivial as which ear you use to listen to cell phone conversations can be extrapolated out to how your brain works.


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