Big News! Men Are More Forgetful Than Women!

Wow.  Imagine this.  Scientists have discovered that men are more forgetful than women.  According to Medical News Today, during an experiment testing memory, for eight out of nine questions, men had a harder time remembering the answers (probably the question they got right was, would you like a beer?).

And it doesn't matter how old you are.  If you're a man, you will never remember things as well as a woman.

Is it laziness, as some have suggested, or, as, often, in the case of my husband, convenience? Or is it really that our brains are just different?

Researchers did not delve into that, although they considered whether, since cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke afflict more men than women, that could be it. But that turned out not to be the case, too.

Maybe it's just that, as moms, we have to know where the kids are, where they left their shoes, what time is dinner, what is dinner, visit the orthodontist, schedule teacher conference. Oh yeah.  And go to work, too.

I remember not long ago, when I broke my wrist and the first couple of days I couldn't grocery-shop well, or cook.  Larry got dinner those nights but when I asked what he did about the dishes, he said, "You want me to do that, too?"

OK, enough men-bashing. But it's true.  Maybe I don't have to but I try to cram everyone's schedules and needs into my brain (and I'm running out of room!).  Fortunately, my 12-year-old reminds me -- "Mom, remember?  You were getting me milk?"

"We have speculated a lot about why men report more frequent problems with remembering than women do, but have not been able to find an explanation. This is still an unsolved mystery," adds Prof.Jostein Holmen of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who did the study.


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