Numb to Gun Violence? Twenty Kids a Day, One Kid an Hour, Harmed or Killed By Guns

While we know way too many children and teens are killed by guns (last count: 11,000 people, many of them younger than 12, in 2013, according to Slate, which took up the accounting after Newtown), did you know that almost one child or teen an hour is injured by a firearm seriously enough to require hospitalization?

Michelle Healy at USA Today reports that a new study shows that six percent of the 7,391 young hospitalizations analyzed resulted in a death, quoting February's Pediatrics, released today.

"Every day, 20 of our children are hospitalized for firearms injury, often suffering severe and costly injuries, clearly shows that this is a national public health problem," Robert Sege, director of the Division of Family and Child Advocacy at Boston Medical Center and a co-author of the study, tells Healy.

I don't know about you but I have a horrifying thing to say.  I am becoming numb to all the mass murders and drive-by shootings of innocent children who just happen to be sitting in their strollers as bullets spit from a car passing by.  This weekend, again, in Maryland at a mall.  Two at separate New Jersey malls at Christmas. And don't even mention all the school shootings.  It seems like one a day.

Where are we going with all this? I'm tired of hearing -- and writing -- about gun control, sickened by people's desperate clutch on rights they feel guaranteed to them (in a different world, a different place, a different time 200 years ago), over the right of the rest of us to go to the mall, or church, or school, without being killed.

I don't believe kids need iPhones, especially in school, but I'm thinking seriously of getting my middle school son one so I can text him if something happens at his school, which, although the school does everything it can to keep the students safe, seems almost like a given.

How did we get to this place where a mom just assumes her son is going to be in a deadly shooting spree?

But if people are allowed to carry guns into movie theaters and shoot and kill someone texting just because it was annoying him, I feel there's no hope for any of us to go safely anywhere there are people.


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