Pack a Punch Into Pulverizing the Pounds with Protein at Breakfast

Want to pack a punch into your pounds?  Losing them, I mean.

According to, eat some protein at breakfast.  About 20 grams.  Now that may seem like a lot when even the healthiest cereals with enough fiber to keep you regular for a lifetime only contain about 5 or 6.  Twenty grams.  That's about six hard-boiled eggs.

But Shannon Yarrell writes, "Eating enough protein will ensure you both maintain and build muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is more metabolically active than fat tissue, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn-even when your body is at rest."

The muffins or pastries that most of us grab?  Fahgeddaboutit.

Now I know from being a lifelong Weight Watchers member that the weeks I have eggs or leftover chicken from dinner for breakfast, I lose more.  And when I doubled my exercise this summer and actually gained weight, I didn't really care that it was supposedly from the muscle mass I was attaining, all I saw were the extra pounds.  It apparently kicked up my metabolism (tortoises are faster), and burned body fat.

Experts say that an egg and whole wheat toast is a good start, but sprinkle red pepper flakes on it and you're good to go.  That's because the flakes contain capsaicin (the natural chemical in hot peppers that makes them hot) and that can give you a small metabolism boost.

And metabolism is what the game's all about, in the end.

And about that exercise?  I stopped it.  Hmm...still not losing weight.


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