Warning: Eat Sugar-Free Gummi Bears Near a Toilet

Didn't we learn our lesson from "fat-free" potato chips?  Guess not.  Now Haribo sugar-free Gummi bears have eaters racing to the toilet.

Me, personally, I've always hated those things, like chewing on rubber bands.  But a lot of America is not like me.  According to Medical Daily, "Consumers on Amazon's reviews for the product wrote about the little kick to their bowels they received. "

  writesof a consumer, who, somewhat too evocatively, said, "It felt like I was firing out hot liquid magma.”

It's the sorbitol and other laxative-like ingredients that usually replace the sugar. In fact, poeople hoping for a quick weight loss have been rushing to buy them (and then, apparently, to the loo!).

Some say that, "Though they did have those nasty side-effects it was a quick way to lose weight, and it was a perfect cleanse prior to undergoing a colonoscopy," Bachai relates.

She notes that Haribo does not claim responsibility for consumers' sickness, as their safety warning clearly states that there is a potential for unpleasant side effects. “Consumption of some sugar-free candies may cause stomach discomfort and/or a laxative effect,” it states.

So, is it worth it?  I'm lucky, I can't stand the things.  But I'm definitely going to consider them before my next colonoscopy.


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